Working With Influencers In Online Fundraising

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Every non-profit wants someone with some kind of "celebrity" status to help advocate for their fundraiser. Getting the word out about your fundraiser would be much easier if someone with influence would share it on social media or offline. The good news is that these people are within your reach and are probably in your audience already.

A study that was conducted by Twitter shows that tweets from brands increase purchase intent by 2.7 times. Influencers have their own "brand" within their online social circles that carries relevance and credibility. How does this relate to your cause? How do you find and engage with influencers?

What are influencers?

Influencers are individuals, online or offline, who have audience reach and relevance in their area of interest. Influencers can help expand your audience, raise awareness to your cause, or help inspire action. Believe it or not even animals are influcencers in social media. A survey by Mars Petcare reveals that 30% of pet owners follow and engage with social media celebrity animals. This is one of the powerful influencer marketing statistics that indicates celebrity pets can be used effectively by pet care brands.

Where are influencers?

You may already have influencers within your audience. Your audience members who engage with your website and social media posts also have their own audience that may include others that have similar interests and resources.

Other influencers may be outside of your audience or offline. These individuals may be outside of the "community" of your cause and operate solely within their own circle. Influencers may just write about interesting non-profit fundraisers or are leaders within your cause's "community" or even within the sphere of non-profit work. Using Google, influence measurement tools such as Klout, or even searching through popular social media lists or groups are a few ways of finding out-of-network influencers.

How do I ask for help?

In order to ask influencers for their assistance you should have a relationship built with them. Doing a "cold ask" probably won't get you a positive response. Engage with influencers by helping them share their message and providing information to them on areas within your cause that they may not know about. Once there is a feeling that there's a solid standing with these influencers asking for assistance will work better. If the answer is no be sure to thank them for hearing you out.

Influencers, online and offline, can boost your cause's message and fundraising potential. Knowing who influencers are and their types can help you determine which will help your cause the most and, more importantly, be a good individual to build a positive relationship with.


Social Media Influencers For Online Fundraising

How Social Media Influencers Can Help Your Nonprofit - Hana Muslic


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