Fundraising goes hand-in-hand with being part of a basketball team. However, it can be tricky to come up with fun, creative, no-hassle fundraising ideas for basketball that will help you meet your fundraising goal. Fortunately,’s fundraisers for sports teams is as easy as ever!

8 Basketball Fundraising Ideas

  1. Slam Dunks
  2. Team Spirit
  3. Basketballs and Hoops
  4. Pregame Rituals
  5. Wins and Celebrations
  6. Basketball Sneakers
  7. Shots and Blocks
  8. Fan T Shirts

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. From the World Cup to March Madness, millions of basketball fans watch and cheer for their favorite teams every year. For many people, basketball is a major part of life.

Playing basketball boosts the athleticism, sportsmanship, confidence, and character of all basketball players—whether part of a basketball team great or small. Team sports like basketball are especially beneficial for a young athlete, but many find playing youth basketball difficult because of financial costs associated with the sport.

How Do You Fundraise for a Basketball Team?

Basketball can be an expensive sport to play. It costs a fair amount of money to buy uniforms and equipment, which typically need to be replaced at least once a year. And, after taking into account the expenses associated with travelling for away games and coaching salaries, the price of being a basketball player can really add up.

That’s why basketball fundraisers have become an integral part of the sport’s season. So, how do you fundraise for a basketball team?

There are numerous fundraising ideas for basketball teams. Many basketball teams raise extra money by selling things—like candy bars, coffee fundraisers, candle fundraisers, or a cookie dough fundraiser. These basketball fundraising ideas are tried and true, but require a lot of effort and coordination.  

You could also sell tickets to a fundraising event, like a silent auction or tournament. With these types of basketball fundraising ideas, you earn money from the ticket sales, but downside is someone from the team will need to actively manage the event and purchase supplies to host the event.

When it comes to fundraising for a sports team, you may be wondering how can you fundraise without selling anything? Is it even possible?

The answer is yes, some sports fundraising ideas do not require you to sell anything or purchase supplies to get started. One easy fundraising idea that does not have high out-of-pocket costs or require a lot of hands-on management is 360 Photo Contest’s Fundraisers for Sports Teams.

How to Host a Basketball Photo Contest Fundraiser

A sports fundraising photo contest is an easy fundraising idea that boasts a lot of benefits. For one, it’s virtual, so anyone, anywhere can participate, allowing wider community involvement and resulting in more money raised. In fact, online photo contest sports fundraisers are very high profit, with the average photo contest hosted on raising more than $8,225!

Another benefit of an online photo contest fundraiser is that it does not require a lot of management. To host a basketball photo contest fundraiser, all you need to do is set it up with

To set up your basketball team fundraiser photo contest, you will need to enter your contest’s rules, theme, a date range for the contest to run, and prizes for winners (this could be discount cards to the concession stand, a gift card to a local business, a cash prize, or anything else you come up with). After creating your sports fundraising photo contest on, our online photo contest platform takes care of all the hard work of running a basketball fundraiser—allowing you to focus on the more fun part!

The way a photo contest fundraiser raises money is by charging a small fee (usually a dollar per entry) for votes on photos submitted to your contest. Anyone can participate by submitting or voting on a photo in your contest. 360 Photo Contest takes care of tallying the votes and donations. Once the contest is over, your basketball team keeps the funds raised.

For your sports fundraising photo contest to be successful, you will need to promote it yourself and come up with an inspiring contest theme, because in order for donors to get involved in your sport fundraising contest, they have to know about it first! So, advertise your basketball fundraising photo contest every way you can. Announce the basketball fundraiser at basketball games, put an ad in your local newspaper and radio stations, hang flyers at a local business or school, and promote your contest on social media

Top 8 Basketball Fundraising Ideas

For your basketball fundraiser photo contest to succeed and meet (or even surpass) your fundraising goals, you will also need to rally everyone around a central, exciting theme. Here is a list of some of the best basketball team fundraising ideas for a photo contest:

1. Slam Dunks

Is there anything that makes the crowd go crazier at a basketball game than when a team member successfully pulls off a slam dunk?

Slam dunks are not only impressive, but they make a great photo opportunity as well. So, consider centering your basketball fundraising photo contest around a slam dunk theme.

A few examples of photo submissions for this theme are snapshots of the best slam dunks of the season, action shots of players mid-air about to dunk the ball, or close-ups of the ball being dunked through the hoop.

2. Team Spirit

There is no “I” in basketball. And as anyone who has ever played or coached basketball knows, team spirit is vital to a winning team.

Team spirit is a force that unifies both basketball players and fans. Emphasize the importance of team spirit by making this the theme of your photo contest.

Some ideas for photo submissions under a team spirit theme include pictures of the crowd going wild at a basketball game, team members displaying pride in their team, or fans dressed in team colors.

Team spirit is an especially great photo contest fundraising idea for a youth sports team because anyone of any age can easily participate. It also makes one of the better high school basketball fundraising ideas because it could double as a school fundraiser photo contest where students have the opportunity to show off their pride in all their school’s sports teams.

3. Basketballs and Hoops

You can’t play a basketball game without the basketballs and hoops themselves! So, why not make basketball equipment the central theme of your photo contest?

A few ideas for basketball and hoop themed photo submissions include artistic portrayals of balls and hoops set up on the court, pictures of customized basketballs owned by your team members, or close up shots of basketballs and hoops being used at games and practice.

4. Pregame Rituals

If your team or any of its team members have pregame rituals, you’re not alone. Some of the greatest basketball stars of all time chalk up at least part of their greatness to lucky rituals they perform before every game.

For example, Lebron James and Michael Jordan both poured chalky white powder on their hands before a game. James would throw the powder up in the air above himself, while MJ would clap the powder in the faces of fans sitting behind the score table.

Steph Curry and his wife have a matching tattoo that reads “love never fails” in Hebrew. Before each game, Curry flashes the tattoo to his wife and pats it, and his wife does the same back.

Whether your basketball team members have a pregame ritual that is a little silly, like Michael Jordan’s, or sweet like Steph Curry’s, it’s worth showing off for your photo contest!

Examples of photo submissions for a pregame ritual contest theme include pictures of pregame rituals your basketball team performs as a whole or photos of an individual team member’s pregame rituals (the more unique, the better!)

5. Wins and Celebrations

There’s nothing more exciting than when your basketball team’s hard work pays off in a victory! Honor your team’s wins and after-game celebrations by making this the center of your basketball fundraising photo contest.

Photos that could be submitted under this theme include pictures of the winning shot at a basketball game, your team gathered after a winning game, or photos of a trophy presentation ceremony after winning a basketball tournament.

6. Basketball Sneakers

Basketball sneakers have become an icon of the sport, so much so that you can spot them anywhere you go—they’re even worn by people who have never touched a basketball!

A basketball sneaker themed photo contest encourages your team players and fans to show off their favorite sneakers, including shoes they’ve customized themselves! A few examples of photos that could be a part of this theme include pictures of shoes signed by basketball stars, personalized basketball sneakers, or close-up shots of sneakers in action on the court.

7. Shots and Blocks

Basketball is a fast-paced, exciting sport with plenty of activity. Encourage folks to capture a piece of the action in photographs by making shots and blocks the theme of your basketball fundraiser photo contest.

This basketball fundraising idea should center around action shots. Some submission ideas include snapshots of game-saving shots, impressive blocks, or prime examples teamwork being played on the court.

8. Fan T Shirts

If you have ever looked out at the crowd during a basketball game, you’ll no doubt have come across at least a few fan-made t shirts showing support for their team or a specific player. These t shirts would make a fun, unique contest theme for a basketball fundraiser.

A fan t shirt theme is a great way to spark the creativity of your supporters for your basketball fundraising photo contest. It could even double as a T Shirt Design Contest.

Ask community members to create their own t shirts for this basketball fundraising idea. T shirt designs could be hand painted or printed onto the tee. Designs could include basketball-themed art made by fans, slogans that support the team, or anything else that celebrates the spirit of basketball!

Start a Basketball Photo Contest Today!

Hosting a sports photo contest is one of the best fundraiser ideas for basketball. Photo contest sports fundraisers do not have the same shortcomings that in-person fundraisers have. A basketball photo contest is unique, low-maintenance, high profit, and allows for wide community participation so you can easily meet your fundraising goal.

Because manages all the difficult aspects of hosting a basketball fundraiser, you can spend your time coming up with a truly great basketball fundraising theme, and letting supporters know about the contest.

So, what are you waiting for? Request a demo today to learn more about how a photo contest can support the fundraising needs of your basketball team!