Football fundraising has become an integral part of football season across all types of football teams, from the pee wee to the adult recreational leagues. If you’re wondering how to raise money for your football team, you should consider hosting a photo contest football fundraiser. It couldn’t be easier! Here are eight football photo contest theme ideas to get started:

Football Fundraising Ideas

  1. Team Spirit
  2. Tailgating
  3. Touch Downs
  4. Tackles
  5. Teamwork
  6. Pep Rallies
  7. Homecoming
  8. Footballs and Helmets

There are a lot of great things to say about America’s favorite sport. For many, it’s not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. Football events serve as an incredible medium for diverse people to come together and cheer on their favorite team. Being a football player has a lot of benefits, too.

Playing football is a wonderful way to build character, athletic skill, coordination, and sportsmanship in children, teens, and adults alike. However, being a football team member can be pricey. Uniforms, equipment, and travel costs can make being a football player an expensive endeavor.  

Football is known to be more costly to play than many other team sports. In fact, the biggest barrier to entry for a young athlete seeking to join a youth sports team or sports club is the high cost. Because of this, football teams are often looking for football fundraising ideas to raise money.

So, what are the top ideas for football fundraising? One of the best fundraising ideas for football is a photo contest.

How To Host A Football Fundraiser with

Whether you’re looking for youth football fundraising ideas, pee wee football fundraising ideas, or even a football fundraising idea for your adult football club, you should consider hosting a photo contest.

Hosting a photo contest football fundraiser is a great, easy fundraising idea for any sports team, and it’s one of the lowest cost fundraising ideas for football teams.

Due to its virtual nature, a football photo contest fundraiser allows for wider participation from community members. Plus, it’s easy to set up using, a photo contest platform commonly used for Sports Team Fundraisers.

To set up a photo contest football fundraiser, you don’t even need have your own website. You can host the photo contest on and raise a good chunk of money for your football team. On average, photo contests on our platform raise more than $8,225!

To get started, simply fill out the contest form on our website, and we will reach out to get your football fundraiser set up on the platform. From there, you will need to decide on your football fundraising contest theme, contest rules, the date range for the contest to be held, and prizes for the lucky winner—this could be a cash prize, gift cards, season tickets, or anything else you come up with.

Once your contest is set up, you can promote the football fundraiser photo contest using both local and social media. Advertise the contest in the newspaper, on local radio stations, on flyers displayed at schools or businesses, etc. Share a link to the photo contest on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok pages, and ask your followers to spread word. The more people that know about your football fundraising photo contest, the better, and the closer you will get to reaching your football fundraising goal.

The way you make money with a photo contest fundraiser is by charging people to vote for their favorite photo submission. Community members can submit their images to your football fundraise, then they can send a link to their friends and family members encouraging them to vote for their photo entry. Voters will typically pay $1 to vote for their photo entry of choice.

Your team keeps the funds raised from voting once the fundraising contest is over. You don’t even have to worry about counting up the donations like you do with other sports fundraising ideas—we do all the work for you! It’s truly the easiest fundraiser idea for football.

Top 8 Football Fundraising Ideas for Photo Contests

In order to have a successful football fundraising photo contest, it’s crucial to come up with an awesome contest theme that gets people excited. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Team Spirit

Football wouldn’t be football without team spirit! If you’ve ever been to a football game, you know that the camaraderie among football players and football fans is unparalleled. That’s why “team spirit” is such a fun theme for a football fundraiser photo contest!

Ideas for photo entries under this theme could include pictures of football players and fans showing pride in their team by dressing in team colors, cheering on the team, or even using props (like those big foam fingers) to support them.

Any player or football fan can take part in this theme, and there’s lot of room for creativity because it’s so open ended. We’re sure you’ll get plenty of interesting photo entries that you can use on social media keep your fans excited for the entire season.

2. Tailgating

Who doesn’t love a good pre-game tailgating party? Tailgating before a football game is a modern tradition that conjures up images of fans dressed in team gear, BBQs, pick-up trucks, and merry times.

Why is a tailgate football fundraiser a good choice? Well, if you’ve ever been to one, you know that there are plenty of photo-ops at tailgating parties.

With tailgating as the theme for your football fundraising photo contest, you’re sure to get a lot of amusing photo entries. These could include photos of fans playing lawn games in the parking lot before a home game, supporters gathered around a barbecue, or fans dressed in team jerseys and colors. The possibilities of a tailgating theme are truly endless!  

3. Touch Downs

The most exciting part of a football game is, by far, the touchdowns. Nothing gets the crowd going more than when their favorite team scores!

Anyone who gets a snapshot of a football player’s triumphant touchdown moment should be rewarded. If you think so too, award photographers who capture the glory of your team’s touchdowns by selecting this as the theme for your next football fundraiser photo contest.

4. Tackles

Another thrilling aspect of football is tackling. Not only do tackles excite the crowd, but they make great football-themed photo opportunities.

Ask supporters to submit pictures they take of all the tackling action to your football fundraiser photo contest. Photo submission ideas for this theme include game-saving tackles, underdog moments, and surprising blocks.

5. Teamwork

You can’t have a good football team without teamwork, and a great way to promote this trait among teammates and fans alike is by making it the theme of your next football photo contest fundraiser.  

Ideas for teamwork-themed sports photos include images of your football team executing a perfect play, gathering before a game, or victoriously celebrating after winning a game. Any photo that illustrates just how important teamwork is to the success of a sport like football would be a great entry to a football fundraiser photo contest.

6. Pep Rallies

Pep rallies are an iconic experience for high school football, making pep rallies a great photo contest theme for any high school football fundraiser.

Pep rallies are where a lot of entertaining football photo ops take place. This theme can also double as a school fundraiser photo contest, as many other school clubs and teams school get involved as well.

Ideas for photo submissions within this theme include pictures of cheerleader routines performed at the pep rally, members of the pep rally crowd getting hyped up, or pep rally games and activities.

7. Homecoming

Another top high school football fundraising ideas for a photo contest is homecoming. For a high school football player, homecoming is a pivotal high school sports night that creates lasting memories.  

Because homecoming is such a hallmark moment in the life of a teenage athlete, it deserves to be chronicled with photographs. By making Homecoming the theme of your high school football fundraising photo contest, you’re sure to get iconic submissions that will foster a sense of school spirit and get you that much closer to your football fundraising goal.

Photograph submissions could include snapshots of team members before or after the homecoming game, images of players dressed to the nines, or even photos of the homecoming king and queen.

8. Footballs and Helmets

There’s no other piece of sports equipment more iconic than a football or football helmet. We might even go as far to say that footballs and helmets themselves create a sense of classic Americana. If you agree, then you should consider making football equipment the center of your football fundraiser photo contest.

Participants can unleash their creativity with this theme by submitting snapshots of footballs and football helmets artistically portrayed against various backgrounds—on a football field, in a locker room, or against an American flag backdrop, just to name a few.

Another submission idea for this contest theme is a photo of team members proudly wearing their football helmets or kicking off a football. A football player could even use this theme as a way to show off customized footballs or helmets.

Start Your Football Photo Contest Fundraiser Today!

Hosting a photo contest with is an all-around wonderful football fundraising idea. It’s creative, cost-effective, and allows for a wide participation of supporters. A photo contest is also perhaps the easiest fundraiser type because it’s all done online, with no need to manage an in-person event or tally donations yourself.

The most successful photo contests rally everyone around a singular theme, so it’s vital that you choose a good one. Some great football fundraising ideas to consider for a football-themed photo contest include team spirit, tailgating, touchdowns, tackles, teamwork, pep rallies, homecoming, and footballs and helmets.

Unlike the many other types of football fundraising ideas, the hardest part of a photo contest football fundraiser is choosing a theme. So, get creative and have fun coming up with an inspiring football theme for your photo contest fundraiser. And, if you can’t settle on just one winner or theme, you could always consider using the photo submissions to create a Contest Calendar.

Whatever you decide to do for your football fundraiser photo contest theme, we’re confident you’ll successfully raise a lot of money for your football team! So, what are you waiting for? Request a Demo today on