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"Our Poster Pooch photo contest went off without a hitch!"

Humane society of indianapolis

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360 Photo Contest's donate-to-vote software was built on the great passion we have to support non-profit organizations. It's our goal to create a fun and easy way to help your organization raise money to support worthy causes.

Raise Funds

At $1 per vote (or any value you specify), entrants use email and social media to spread the word about donating to your organization and helping their entry win the contest.

Gather Contacts

In the process of generating funds for your organization, our software collects the email addresses of voters and entrants. You can export this data at any time to build your list of constituents.

Have Fun!

Our software is designed to do all the work for you, so you can step back and enjoy viewing and sharing entries. At the end of the contest, you'll have your much-needed donations.


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"We raised over $25,000 thanks to 360 Photo Contest!"

Allison Sanders, Director of Development
(Western PA Humane Society)

A Step-By-Step Proven System That Works

Our online photo contest system gives you the ability to administer the contest and monitor the results. You don't even need a website to use 360PhotoContest. Here is how it works:

Step 1

We set up your organization's contest on our platform, hosted on our servers, on our domain.

Step 2

You come up with prizes to award the winning entrant(s).

Step 3

You advertise through local and social media (i.e. radio, TV, newspapers, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

Step 4

People submit their photos through our online photo system. Images are cropped automatically. Images can be approved by you before they go live.

Step 5

Users can use the tools within their account to send an email link for their entry to their friends and family, asking them to GO VOTE!

Step 6

Anyone can then go to the website and vote on their friend's entry or others (usually set as $1 per vote).

There's no need to worry about tabulating donations or ending the contest; we do all of that for you on the date you specify. The contest also allows you to build a list of contacts to use in your future online fundraising/marketing efforts. It works great for non-profits, charities and commercial businesses. Best of all, it's affordable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this system just for pets or animals?

Absolutely not! While many of our clients are involved with animals in one way or another, it is by no means exclusive to this arena. We are working with park foundations, social-issue non-profits, blindness-prevention groups, arboretums and other groups. If you can take a picture of it, shoot a video of it, record its sound, or write about it; our system, either as a standard package or a customization, can help you reach your fundraising goals.

Can you handle currencies other than US Dollars?

If you are in the US, you will be able to accept international credit cards. If you are outside of the US, we will set up your contest to use PayPal.

Can we offer a calendar as a prize?

Yes. You'll have access to all of the photos once the photo contest is over. In the Manage Entries section of your panel, select the Download Images button to receive a zip file of the images. However, our software will only keep the original uploaded photos for a few months. Keep in mind that there is no guarantee that an entrant will upload a photo large enough to be professionally printed. We recommend having an area in your rules stating the need for quality images with minimum requirements for the winning photos. Winners may be asked to re-submit their photos once the contest has ended, and that if an original photo is not large enough for calendar printing you may have to be disqualified. Also keep in mind that you can always use the downsized images as thumbnails in the actual calendar, either as a border on each month or on a collage page. (Our software downsizes all photos to 450 pixel width.) We've found that the inclusion of all photos entered into a contest tends to encourage more participation!

What will you need from us after we sign up?

We will contact you with all of the details once you have submitted a the contract for your 360 Photo Contest. Some things you will need: Banking information for your WePay account setup.You will receive an email from them with instructions on creating a WePay account. A banner (ideally 1024 px by 220 px) Your contest rules The start date and end date of your contest Your 360 Photo Contest can be simple, or you can take advantage of some of our other features, such as: Customized homepage content Sponsor logos in the footer Customized email sent to all contest entrants Separate entry and voting end dates

What does it require on our end?

Once we have your contest set up, we will send you a unique URL. All you have to do is set up a link on your website to that URL. Then people can go directly from your site to the contest.

As far as design, what would I need to get to you?

We can work with just about any size or type of graphic file you would have. The banner for each 360 Photo Contest is a maximum 1024 pixels wide. Their is no constraint on the height.

photo contests loved by thousands

"Raised over $25,000"

"The Western PA Humane Society's online calendar contest was a huge hit—we raised over $25,000! We could not have done it without 360 Photo Contest.

- Allison Sanders, Director of Development at Western PA Humane Society

"so much fun"

We didn't know what to expect with the contest - we imagined we might raise a few thousand dollars in entry and vote donations. But we ended up bringing in more than $26,000 to help the homeless animals in our shelter!

- Tristan Shmid, Comms. & Marketing Manager at Humane Society of Indianapolis


Standard Package:

Our standard photo contest package is ideal for local non-profits to use in their fundraising efforts.

It allows the public to register and submit their photo, login and review their photo(s), donate and vote for their entry, refer their friends to donate and vote for their entry, and view all entries ranked by votes.

Organizations can post their contest rules and customize their contests by adding their logo and basic color scheme.

As a contest administrator, you can see a variety of information such as the entrants' names, addresses, and whether or not they opted-in to receive further communication from you (allowing you to build a list for other fundraising campaigns).

It is to our benefit to help your fundraiser succeed.

The 360 Photo Contest is a hosted system on a cloud platform based on a scalable performance and pricing model. This means the system and photo storage ramps up as your contest becomes more successful.

Low Fees. Our pricing is based on usage.

- $100 startup fee. This is a nominal up-front setup fee and is non-refundable.

- 10% of your total funds raised. No hidden fees. No training or support fees. Just a simple software license and usage fee billed during the contest.

- Nonprofit organizations save more! If your organization is registered as a nonprofit, we will waive the startup fee and discount the service fee to 6.15%. 

WePay will assess Visa/MC Interchange & Assessment transaction fee. 

Customized Photo Contest Packages

Larger organizations may be interested in a customization of our Photo Contest service. Whether it's social media integration, formatting and graphics to match your organization's style, custom hosting to accommodate a large campaign, incorporating your current online payment processing system, multiple donation options, or other unique features, we can create a custom contest that will meet your needs.

Let us create a contest that will capture the imagination of your audience and help you raise funds to fulfill your mission. Contact us today to learn more.

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We're 100% dedicated to the success of your contest.

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