Fundraising has come to play an important role during the soccer season, but coming up with a great soccer fundraiser idea can be difficult. It’s hard to find a creative sports fundraising idea that is low cost yet high profit, easy to manage, and fun. Luckily for you, these soccer fundraising photo contests check all the boxes:

Top 8 Soccer Fundraising Ideas

  1. Team Spirit
  2. Tackles, Headers, and Dives
  3. Goals and Blocks
  4. Soccer Balls and Goal Nets
  5. Teamwork
  6. Pregame Rituals
  7. Wins and Celebrations
  8. Fan Flags and Banners

Soccer is undeniably a popular worldwide sport. Soccer players reap a lot of benefits from taking part in the team sport, including athletic skills, coordination, sportsmanship, and self-pride. For many, however, playing or supporting a family member that plays soccer can be financially difficult.

From the cost of uniforms and equipment to travel expenses and sports club membership fees, playing on a soccer team comes at a premium. The biggest deterrent to joining a soccer club or youth team for a young aspiring athlete is the high price associated with the sport. Because of this, fundraising has become essential to the budding careers of many future soccer stars.

Why Host a Soccer Photo Contest Fundraiser

There are many different fundraising ideas for soccer teams to raise money. For example, you could host a raffle ticket or scratch card fundraiser, sell cookie dough, or go door to door asking for donations. However, all of these soccer team fundraising ideas require hands-on management, lots of time, and possibly even a high start-up cost.

In lieu of an in-person soccer fundraiser, you should consider hosting an online soccer fundraising photo contest.

The beauty of an online photo contest is that it doesn’t have the same limitations as a physical soccer fundraising event. Because it’s virtual, you don’t have to worry about finding a date or location to host your soccer fundraising event. Anyone, anywhere, can participate at any time—allowing for wider community involvement.

A photo contest is an easy fundraising idea for a soccer team. They’re especially great soccer club fundraising ideas for youth sports because community members of all ages can take part.

An online photo contest sports fundraiser doesn’t have to be actively managed, either. With’s online photo contest platform, you don’t even have to count the donations yourself. After you set it up, our team takes care of managing all the details of your soccer fundraiser for you.

An online photo contest is easy, and you can raise a lot of money for your soccer team too. On average, photo contests hosted on raise $8,225! That’s just one of the many reasons why photo contests are so wonderful for sports team fundraising.

How to Host a Soccer Photo Contest

To get started, all you have to do is you fill out a form on the website. You will need to input a date range for the contest to run, contest rules, contest theme, and prizes for the winners—this can be anything from gift cards to a discount card for your concession stand.

After the contest is up, anyone can submit a photo. You earn money by charging money for people to vote on their favorite photo submission; typically $1 per vote.  When your contest ends, you keep the funds raised from the votes. manages the entire soccer fundraiser. All you have to do is come up with an engaging contest theme and promote the soccer fundraiser to your community.

Advertising your contest is the key to the success of your soccer fundraising photo contest. The more people who know about your soccer fundraiser, the more participants you will get, and the closer you are to your fundraising goal. Post flyers at local businesses and schools, put an ad in the newspaper and local radio stations, post a link to your contest on social media, and announce the contest at soccer games.

Top 8 Soccer Fundraising Ideas for Photo Contests

The best photo contest soccer fundraisers rally your team members and supporters around an inspiring central theme. To help you come up with a truly awesome theme, here are a few soccer fundraising ideas we came up with:

1. Team Spirit

It is so important for a soccer team to have team spirit. Team spirit is the central drive that unites team members and gives the team an edge against the competition.

Not only that, but soccer fans have a lot of team spirit too. One glance at the crowd during a soccer game is proof enough!

A team spirit themed photo contest makes a fun soccer fundraiser idea that anyone can participate in. A few examples for photo submissions under this theme include pictures of soccer fans dressed in team colors, soccer team members exemplifying team pride, or the crowd cheering on their team at a soccer game.

2. Tackles, Headers, and Dives

Soccer games are full of action. If you’ve ever been to a soccer game, you know that soccer players aren’t afraid of getting physical.

Tackles, headers, and dives are not only exciting aspects of the sport, but they also make a great photo ops.

Some ideas for photo submissions under this theme include photos of game-saving tackles or dives, memorable action shots, or great pictures of players heading the ball.

3. Goals and Blocks

There’s nothing more exciting than when your soccer team scores or blocks the opposing team from scoring. The aim of the game is to make a goal, so goals and blocks would make a fantastic theme for your photo contest soccer fundraiser.

A few ideas for photo entries to a goals and blocks themed contest include pictures of soccer players making a goal, goalies blocking shots, or soccer players celebrating a score.

4. Soccer Balls and Goal Nets

You can’t have soccer without soccer balls and goal nets. Besides teamwork and athletic skill, a soccer ball and goal nets are the most important equipment for a soccer game. But, soccer balls and goal nets are not just sports equipment. they also make great photo props.

Let soccer equipment serve as the inspiration for your photo contest. A few ideas for photo submissions within this theme include artistic portrayals of soccer balls and goal nets against a soccer field backdrop, close-ups of a soccer ball in action at a game, or even custom soccer balls designed by fans and team members alike.

5. Teamwork

Any soccer player, fan, or coach knows just how crucial it is to master teamwork on the field. It takes a lot of practice and dedication for a soccer team to get adept at working together as a team.

Teamwork is not something to take for granted, so honor it by making this the theme of your soccer fundraising photo contest.

A few examples of photos that could be entered in a teamwork themed photo contest include snapshots of the team working together to make a goal, soccer players gathered prior to a game, or even team members displaying camaraderie off the field.

6. Pregame Rituals

Many famous soccer players perform pregame rituals before each match to give them luck on the field. Some rituals are sweet, like Cesc Fabregas’ ritual of kissing a ring given to him by his wife before each game.

Some are just plain eccentric, like Thibaut Courtois, who has a long, treacherous pregame ritual that includes sending a selfie of himself on the toilet to four of his friends and ends with him wetting the tip of his gloves before entering the field. Upon reaching the goal net, he kicks the post with his boot and punches the net.

Proudly showcase the pregame rituals performed by members of your soccer team by centering your soccer fundraising photo contest around this endearing aspect of sports. If you make this the theme of your photo contest soccer fundraiser, you’re sure to get a lot of entertaining submissions!

A few examples of photos that could be submitted under this theme include a team member in the middle of performing their pregame ritual (the weirder, the better) or photos of rituals fans do together before a match.

7. Wins and Celebrations

Your team’s victories should be forever chronicled in photograph. That’s why you should consider inspiring your supporters to take snapshots of your wins by making this the theme of your next soccer fundraising contest.

After all, you’ve earned every win through hours of hard practice—you should celebrate this success in any way you can.

A few soccer fundraising ideas for photos centered around a wins and celebrations theme could include pictures of your team celebrating winning a game or tournament, fans going wild after a win, or tournament trophies awarded to the team.

8. Fan Flags and Banners

There’s no double about it: soccer fans are devoted, and often quite creative. If you’ve ever been to a soccer game, you know that there’s no shortage of flags and banners in the crowd showing pride for the team.

Encourage supporters to get in touch with their artistic side by making fan flags and banners the center of your photo contest.

Ideas for photos under this theme include fans waving flags in the crowd, your soccer team posing with a banner, or fans working together on a new flag or banner before a game.

Photo Contests are an Easy Soccer Fundraiser!

Sports photo contests are not only one of the top fundraising ideas for soccer teams, but also one of the best fundraising ideas for football teams, baseball teams, and more. Photo contests for sports teams are not subject to the same limitations in-person fundraisers have. They are original, high profit, easy to manage, and allow for wide participation.

Because does most of the setup, you can focus on coming up with a motivating theme and promoting the contest to your team’s fans and supporters. The better your theme and promotion, the more photo submissions you will receive—which means more money earned for your soccer team’s needs.

And, if you’re looking to raise money for middle or high school sports, several of these themes could double as a wonderful school fundraiser as well.

No matter what theme your team settles on, we’re certain your soccer photo contest will be a huge success! Request a demo today if you’re ready to learn more about the many ways a can help raise money for your sports team!