Non-profit Social Listening

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Ever wonder if you could monitor keywords used by your audience and advocates? Being aware of current trends is beneficial for understanding your audience and donors and crafting responses to what is trending. If keywords are trending for issues that your non-profit sees as important responding could help win more people to your cause or ease any concerns. This concept is referred to as social listening.

Social listening involves monitoring social platforms and websites for keywords used by your audience. Keywords can be anything that is relative to the issues that affect your non-profit including hashtags that are used. An example could be animal welfare or animal adoption for humane societies. Social listening can also help manage your non-profit's reputation on websites and social media platforms.

To get started you'll need to start monitoring for the name of your non-profit and any social media handles you use along with keywords relating to any current events, issues, or your non-profit mission. Establishing keywords for your non-profit can be as simple as using key nouns or two word phrases from your mission statement and then adding a few more that are relative. After that pinpoint any current issues or trends that need to be monitored. Create a plan on how best to respond when you are notified about your keywords, hashtags, and social media mentions. For instance, negative remarks with a mention of your social media handle will need a quick response with appropriate customer service. Keywords on trending topics could be an idea for a fundraising idea.

Although some social media platforms offer some insight into trending keywords and hashtags you'll want to use a service to help capture any keyword or hashtag usage. Free services include Google Alerts (monitors keywords used on the Internet) and Sumall (monitors social media platforms for keywords and hashtags). Paid services include, Moz Fresh Alerts, and Mention. After signing up with one of these services you can start monitoring.

Social listening can help take your non-profit more successful by watching for keywords, hashtags, and social media mentions that matter to your non-profit. Conversation topics can lead to positively managing your non-profit's brand and mission in addition to understanding more about your audience and trending topics. Keeping up with monitoring and sticking to and updating a plan can help you find opportunities for your non-profit to grow.


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