Know Your Non-Profit Strengths

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Having a successful fundraiser stems from how a non-profit applies their strengths. Those strengths can be a range of items from creativity to social media know-how. How do you know what your strengths are?

Strengths can come from a lot of different areas within your non-profit. According to the article "How to Perform a Nonprofit Needs Assessment", doing an assessment of your non-profit helps you to look internally at your organization to figure out what you're capable of doing. The article also states that strengths include things that make your non-profit unique such as experience and your reputation. One assessment that can be completed is a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis to see where your power lies.

Strengths can sometimes be seen as successes. A strength is something that, when you do it, works well due to expertise and talent. Success is the final result of how well your strengths are applied to your fundraising and your cause.

Knowing your strengths is one thing but applying them where you need to is the important part. Understanding where you will need help with tasks and how to use your non-profit's strengths will help to provide a unique advantage in your fundraising. "Embrace your own fundraising style, then focus on making that natural strength even stronger." says Mark Koenig with For example, if your staff is experienced with social media you can leverage that skill to help advertise entry and voting periods for your photo fundraiser.

Sometimes applying your strengths can be a trial and error process. Make sure to keep documenting what worked well and what didn't work at the end of every fundraiser and year end. This tactic will give you an idea of how to apply your resources effectively.

Understanding your non-profit strengths can help your cause exponentially. Once you're able to properly apply your strengths to your fundraising and cause you'll start to see more of the intended result: success.

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