Keeping Your Audience Engaged With Your Fundraiser

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Every non-profit wants to have their audience engage with their social media content. Posting specific content to certain social media platforms only goes so far. How do you keep your audience engaged up to date with what is happening with your cause?

Create different content for different platforms
Your content can be broken up into different messages for different social media platforms. According to Global Web Index an average person has seven social media accounts (source)1. Each social media platform specializes in sharing certain types of content combinations. Creating a content calendar helps to plan what content will post at a certain day, time, and on a specific platform. Having a plan will help you fit your content to different platforms. Social media management solutions, such as Hootsuite, can help you schedule content to be posted.

When creating and scheduling your content you’ll find that you’ll have to create posts that fall outside the area of planned posting. These kinds of posts include reminders for your audience to enter or vote during a fundraising contest. A helpful exercise for creating these posts is to write out the following:

  • Describe how the fundraising contest works (when you can vote or enter)
  • List ways each contribution helps your cause
  • List ways audience can help share a post
  • List any contest updates you can use to remind people to vote or enter (weekly contest standings, or begining or ending days of voting or entering)

These lists will give you information to work off of when creating quick posts to remind your audience to engage with your fundraising contest. Keep the posts short and positive. The idea is to keep your reminder visible in your audiences’ timelines and feeds. Don’t forget to add the URL of the fundraising contest when posting!

1 “Internet users have average of 7 social accounts” Jason Mander, June 2016


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