Hype Up Your Next Fundraiser

Friday, August 5, 2016

If you want your next big fundraising event to be a success, time is your biggest investment. Launching a fundraiser sounds easy enough to most, but there is a great deal of researching and planning that will give you the highest returns. Take time to look into what others are doing to promote their cause and more importantly, how. How are they reaching donors, how are they making an impactful plea, and how are they creating a buzz?

Here are a few things we have learned from other photo contest clients.

We are thriving in a digital world, but traditional advertising is far from dead. In fact, it can be most effective when paired with the digital world we all love. Postcards, print advertising, and flyers all make the list as effective promotional efforts. Pair them with email and social media posts and you will strike gold. Also, remember to drive people back to your online efforts in everything you do to create top-of-mind awareness!

We encourage you to tap into our marketing thoughts. Our staff is here to brainstorm, create, and design a plan that will launch your fundraiser to the next level. Contact us here!


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