Gain More Followers With Instagram

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Instagram definitely has some positive marketing benefits to help spread awareness and draw an audience to your cause/organization. It also may consist of a specific audience you have yet to tap into - as many people who frequently used this platform may not use the other social media sites as often. Branding your organization with Instagram allows you to interact with others in one of the most powerful marketing strategies ever – photos.

This powerful branding tool is used by over 500 million active users per month, and that number is on the rise at a steady pace. Creating and maintaining an account gives you the opportunity to tell your story and capture important followers that will help you spread the word.

We recommend doing some research to find out what your story will look like. You can start by searching for other companies like yours to find out key hashtags that will relate to your cause. This may also lead to a creation of a branded hashtag that followers can use to connect all related subjects. At 360 Photo Contest we use the hashtag "#Donate2Vote" to link our mission with photos from our contests. Other examples of hashtags that are relevant to us have been "#photocontest" to express what we do and "#photooftheday" to gain followers from all around the world.

What Works:

  • Photos that connect to the human emotions
  • Images of work being done to help others
  • Behind-the-scenes perspectives
  • Sharing accomplished goals
  • Great lighting as always
  • Consistent filtering to maintain branding


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