Defining A Primary Goal For Social Media

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ever feel lost in social media? New social media platforms and features make things difficult when trying to establish goals and direction. How do you get what you need out of social media to help your non-profit?

Setting goals at any stage in your social media strategy can help build toward better outreach, engagement, and fundraising. You'll want to determine where your audience is, how to communicate them, how to grow your audience, and how to funnel that traffic toward your website. Setting an overall goal based on those areas of focus should provide the direction you want to go in and drive the decision on any smaller goals.

The best place to begin if you're just starting out or even if you've been in social media for a while is taking stock of what's out there. According to Randy Hawthorne, contributing writer for, you'll want to sign up for every username and "handle" that you can for the popular social media platforms for future use. If you're already in the social media game keep using what you have since your audience is already familiar with them. Determine which platforms your intended audience is on and how you plan to use those platforms to communicate updates, events, and so forth.

In order to get to where you want to be you'll need to know and grow your audience. Hawthrone states, "Don’t put the cart ahead of the horse; start small and develop an audience. Often times, I see accounts with a small following do something like ask a question to their audience and they don’t get a single response. If they wait until they have a significant following, they can actually gain valuable engagement." Once you have a larger audience you can analyze interests and what they do online through analytics that most social media platforms provide states Claire Shinn, a writer for

From this point any goals you have should be a "roadmap" to your overall goal. You can choose to focus on communication and engagement if that leads to your overall goal. Always remember that social media is another route for traffic to your website or fundraiser. "Every bit of the content you curate for social media should act as a tentacle from your website. The arms increase your organization’s reach and should always be pulling people back to your website, as a tool for fundraising," says Hawthorne.

Social media can help improve your reach and message of your non-profit. Goal setting based on your overall goal will help you build your audience and move your strategy forward.


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