Creating a Memorable Motto for Your Organization

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

As a nonprofit organization, your mission statement represents who you are and what you stand for. It guides your daily activities and decisions, and shows the value of the good work you are doing every day. But does your community understand what your promise is in a short and easy to understand phrase?

Your tagline or slogan should convey your brand identity and be an expression of your purpose. It gives your audience an overview of your mission and vision, and clearly represents your unique benefits.

When writing or reviewing your slogan consider the following:

  • Does it provoke emotions? One of the main reasons people donate their hard-earned dollars is that they feel passionate about helping a cause.
  • Does is clearly define your mission? A catchy phrase can be effective and stick with the public, but a good slogan should be a statement that truly expresses what you do.
  • What are other nonprofits in your area saying? You may not be thinking of other nonprofits as your competitors, but they are collecting donations to survive just like you.
  • What action words best describe your brand? For this you will want to create a list of main supporting words and then narrow it down to the ones that best describe your cause.

After you, your board of directors and your staff have created the most powerful slogan possible, plaster it everywhere: your website, radio ads, print ads, flyers, and social media sites. This will help create a top-of-mind awareness for your current and potential donors.


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