Content Creation For Your Non-Profit

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Remember when you first started working with social media? The first question you probably had was how should you create posts to help your cause. The good news is that you're not alone when it comes to having that problem. This happens to new as well as veteran social media content creators.

Content creation across multiple platforms doesn't have to be hard to do. Text and images can be crafted to spread your message in a number of ways based on what is allowed by each social network. Important items within your message can also be broken up into multiple tweets or posts that can be spread out across a couple of days or weeks depending on your strategy. Don't worry about over-posting on a single message as it's likely most people haven't seen your content due to other posts or a preference for one network over others.

If a majority of your audience is on one specific network it makes sense to focus more on that network than others. Focusing on one network allows you to be more engaging with donors. For instance, you can appreciate your donors easier with your posts; however, you don't want to do so to the point of being annoying. If your preferred network has a live video feature you can use it to provide updates on your non-profit and answer any questions that you get via email or through comments. Your shares and retweets will also "travel" better through one network if it has a large user base and if your audience has a large following for its members. Live video also works well for expressing an appeal for your non-profit.

Sharing another individual's or group's content is a good way to show your interest in your cause across different groups and social circles. Showing your advocacy in a similar or related manner helps spread that person's or group's message and helps others find out about your non-profit. Advocacy is part of the "three A's" of social media messaging for non-profits according to Steven Shattuck. The other two "A's" include appreciation and appeals.

Focusing on your social media messaging doesn't require a lot of over-thinking. A message can be crafted a number of ways to better reach your audience on one or several social networks. Features of specific networks can help connect and inform your audience about your non-profit's news and needs. Sharing good content from others not only does those people a favor but also spreads advocacy for your cause.

Sources: - A One-Person Content Machine? No Problem, Terri Harel - Steven Shattuck


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