Benefits Of Using Video

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Need something different with your non-profit marketing and communication? Your blog is informing your audience with text and images. Word-of-mouth marketing is spreading the focus of your mission. But you're looking for something that delivers a lot more information and emotional appeal in a short period of time.

This is where video marketing and storytelling comes into play. Producing video doesn't require a big budget or expensive editing equipment. A smartphone may be all that you need to create quick videos that inform potential donors, show your non-profit's activity, and promotes engagement with your cause.

Aside from the benefits mentions briefly above there are other positive points to using video. David Hartstein, a writer for outlines the major benefits as compelling and concise storytelling, unique and minimally-filtered perspectives, and personal appeal. "Video [storytelling] allows you to tell your story in a compelling way that photos and words on a page just can’t capture," states Hartstein. Video helps capture the perspective of community members that a non-profit affects. Using video "puts you in the room" in terms of connecting with people at an emotional level.

Video usage can be used in several different manners. The use of storytelling assist with fundraising efforts. "It’s a perfect opportunity to practice shooting video in an inexpensive way and test the engagement of those donors," says Joe Boland of on the use of video in fundraising. Live video can also help increase the engagement of your audience in crowdsourcing ideas that your non-profit has or even just making announcements. Video, live or recorded, is sharable beyond your intended audience online.

Video tools include:

  • Facebook Live
  • Periscope (live video for Twitter)
  • YouTube or Vimeo for video hosting
  • smartphone video recording and editing apps


Creating video isn't as large of a production as it used to be. Sharing your non-profit story, events, announcements, and fundraising doesn't take a lot of time or budget. Video offers a richer view into what you do and who you're helping on a personal level.


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