Advertising Before and After Your Fundraiser

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Reaching more people can be difficult when advertising for your fundraisers. Getting the word out about your fundraiser is already work in itself. Getting in touch with groups of like-minded people requires just as much work before and after the fundraiser.

Regular posting to your blog will help build awareness with people who might have interest in your cause. This will help build a following for your non-profit and should make advertising any fundraiser much easier. “Not only will new content help search engines find your website, but frequent, valuable, and informative blog updates can attract supporters back to your site and landing pages on a regular basis,” states Elizabeth Chung of, a platform for social impact non-profits (source).

After the end of your fundraiser it’s always good to let your audience know if you met your desired goal. Donors and other members of your audience are probably following your cause and interested in your content. Showing the impact of your audience’s support should increase the chances that they will give to your non-profit again (source).

Ongoing engagement with your audience is key to developing a following and advertising your cause. If you’re looking for an idea for a future fundraiser or would like to get a blog set up we can help!


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