How to create a calendar contest

The top thirteen entries with the most votes will be added to the calendar with the top vote getter being on the front of the calendar. Calendars can be created in bulk online at CafePress, big-name pharmacies, or any other local print shop. You might want to go with local businesses first if you can. Calendar pricing and quality may vary by vendor so you might want to shop around. If you plan to mail out your calendars you might want to budget for postage and communicate when you will receive and send out your prizes.

You can market the fundraiser as a great opportunity to help a great cause and gain exposure as an amateur photographer or to just have fun taking photos. The barrier to entering is low since a majority of people use a smartphone or are able to upload photos from a digital camera.

  1. Look locally or at a larger level for sponsorship
  2. Organize price quotes and gather info (quality, look for online reviews) about calendar vendors
  3. Start your fundraising contest (don’t forget the basics)
  4. Share your contest with your audience and community
  5. Thank your donors and sponsors after the fundraiser
  6. Print your calendars and send them out to winners and sponsors (as a thank you)
  7. Be sure to share the URL for the fundraiser on social media! Likes, retweets, and shares help spread the word!

View a basic fundraiser process outline

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