Lend a hand locally

Even if you’re not currently working on getting sponsors lined up for a fundraiser you’ll always want to be doing the following things to make sure you have good rapport in your area or within your online social network.

  1. Network
    Get out in the community and talk and get to know people. You’ll be able to get an idea of how you can help others in the community and get a better idea of how things operate in different businesses, local government, and social circles.
  2. Lend a hand
    If they need assistance with certain things and it meets the strengths of your non-profit offer to lend a hand. This is part of building a strong community and lets others know about your non-profit.
  3. Ask if help is needed
    It never hurts to directly ask others if they need help with events or other items. Sometimes it serves as a reminder for individuals who may have an event or service project coming up and may need a hand.

If you’re willing to help others they will also be likely to assist you with your fundraisers later on. Just be sure to be genuine when offering help, dispensing it, and asking for help later on.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with nor take any money from suggested vendors for mentioning their businesses. Information provided doesn't guarantee success for non-profits or individuals that choose to follow the given advice. Please use the provided idea at your own discretion.