Sweetening the contest

There may be times where you may want to either enhance your prize offerings or offer alternatives. There may be scenarios for going either way: no sponsor commitment, sponsor dropping out, and so forth. There are creative alternates to overcoming prize shortcomings and it comes down to knowing the strengths of your non-profit and the theme of your contest.

  • Offer a created item for the fundraiser as a prize
    It can be a t-shirt, calendar, or other item that will result from your contest.
  • Consider “off the wall” prize
    Something as simple as medals created using candy bars and ribbon could be a fun prize. However, it will have to fit into the theme of your fundraiser.
  • Offer a prize in trade
    You could organize a 1-2 hour workshop on a topic of strength within your non-profit. For example, if social marketing is a strength of your non-profit you can pass along that expertise to a winner as a prize.
  • Give photographers/designers exposure
    Extra exposure is a great way to incentivize photographers or designers if they are winners in your fundraiser. However, this works well if you have a well-built audience and social presence.
  • Supply gift cards
    Gift cards and community business backed coupons are also good ways to offer some kind of a prize to winners. This might have to come out of any funds raised for the fundraiser but it could help boost the number of entries.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with nor take any money from suggested vendors for mentioning their businesses. Information provided doesn't guarantee success for non-profits or individuals that choose to follow the given advice. Please use the provided idea at your own discretion.