Ask for regular donorship

Asking previous donors for regular donations is very difficult. On their side of things they have a budget to work within and business overhead. However, they may be interested in giving regularly if you just ask in the right manner.

Preparation for donor meeting
The best way to get closer to a “yes” answer is to prepare for your meeting. Do some research on your donors beyond what you already know about them. Practice your pitch in front of a mirror and record yourself making your pitch. Tell a story about how your your cause is beneficial to give donors a perspective of how regular funding assists your cause.

Asking for regular donations
It’s time to put your practice into action in your donor meeting. Remember that the donation is about their needs whether it’s a personal connection to your cause, a need to be connected to the community, or tax reasons. Be sure to let them know that their past contrubutions have been appreciated. A “no” answer doesn’t mean that they won’t be a regular donor in the future as they may need to make room in the budget or run things by an accountant first.

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