Nominate individuals for being committed to safety

This fundraising idea is based off of the “jailed” person idea. People can be nominated for being committed to keeping a business or area safe. You can upload the entries for the individuals or you can allow the local public to do so.

This idea can work a few different ways. This can be used within a business to recognize individuals for their efforts or with local law enforcement. With allowing the public to enter individuals you may have to do some moderating with entries and comments.

Things to consider:

  1. Make sure the individuals you are considering for the fundraiser are OK with being in the contest.
  2. Be sure to moderate entries and comments if the fundraiser is open to the public. You may have to disable comments if you don’t have the staff to watch over the contest close enough.
  3. Be sure to share the URL for the fundraiser on social media! Likes, retweets, and shares help spread the word!

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with nor take any money from suggested vendors for mentioning their businesses. Information provided doesn't guarantee success for non-profits or individuals that choose to follow the given advice. Please use the provided idea at your own discretion.