Create a hashtag themed contest

Entrants can create a “hashtag” theme involving something related to your cause or non-profit. For instance, if your non-profit involves animals you could do a “#petfunnyfaces” theme and entrants can upload photos of pets.

Other than a “best fit” for a hashtag you can also have entrants come up with a tasteful hashtag and upload a photo. The photo itself can be of an artistic representation of a hashtag, such as a painting or caligraphy, or a photo with a hashtag as an entry title (as long it’s tasteful).

You might have to look for quite a bit more sponsorship for the first idea but the second has different options. Since the first contest idea doesn’t produce anything that can be a prize outside vendors will have to pitch in. With the second idea, the winning photo can be printed as a poster, t-shirt, or calendar and used as a prize.

Things to consider

  1. Be sure to communicate that entries should be tasteful for the photo, photo title, and photo description.
  2. If you choose to use the winning entry as a prize be sure you have a vendor lined up to create the intended prize.
  3. Be sure to share the URL for the fundraiser on social media! Likes, retweets, and shares help spread the word!

View a basic fundraiser process outline

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with nor take any money from suggested vendors for mentioning their businesses. Information provided doesn't guarantee success for non-profits or individuals that choose to follow the given advice. Please use the provided idea at your own discretion.