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Successful 360 Photo Contests

The Original Donate-to-Vote
Online Photo Contest Software

With over $2.5 million in donations and counting.

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Raise Funds At $1 per vote (or any value you specify), entrants use email and social media to spread the word about donating to your organization and helping their entry win the contest.
Gather Contacts In the process of generating funds for your organization, our software collects the email addresses of voters and entrants. You can export this data at any time to build your list of constituents.
Have Fun! Our software is designed to do all the work for you, so you can step back and enjoy viewing and sharing entries. At the end of the contest, you’ll have your much-needed donations.

Contest Features

Customizable Contests

There are many features that are customizable to your organization’s needs, including your contest banner and colors, custom entry fields, email templates and page content.

Uploading is Fun and Easy

Entrants complete a few chosen fields specified by you, then upload a photo or add a video link. A progress bar shows the status of their upload.

Track and Administer your Contest

Use a number of administrative tools to monitor your contest, such as viewing and exporting donor information, approving or denying entries, and exporting transaction information.

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