How It Works

360 Photo Contest is a proven online fundraiser for you to easily raise money for your non-profit or for general fundraising.

Are you in need of a unique fund raising event? We have developed an online photo contest system that gives you the ability to administer the contest and monitor the results. You don't even need a website to use this online hosted service. Here is how it works: 

  1. Step 1We set up your organization's contest on our platform, hosted on our servers, on our domain.

  2. Step 2You come up with prizes to award the winning entrant(s).

  3. Step 3You advertise through local and social media (i.e. radio, TV, newspapers, website, Facebook, Twitter, etc)

  4. Step 4People submit their photos through our online photo system.

    • Images are cropped automatically
    • Images can be approved by you before they go live on the site
  5. Step 5Users can use the tools within their account to send an email link for their entry to their friends and family, asking them to GO VOTE!

  6. Step 6Anyone can then go to the website and vote on their friend's entry or others (usually set as $1 per vote).

There's no need to worry about tabulating donations or ending the contest; we do all of that for you on the date you specify.

The contest also allows you to build a list of contacts to use in your future online fundraising/marketing efforts. It works great for non-profits, charities and commercial businesses. Best of all, it's affordable.

View Frequently Asked Questions  OR  Contact us today to begin your own 360 Photo Contest.