Standard Package:

Our standard photo contest package is ideal for local non-profits to use in their fundraising efforts.

It allows the public to register and submit their photo, login and review their photo(s), donate and vote for their entry, refer their friends to donate and vote for their entry, and view all entries ranked by votes.

Organizations can post their contest rules and customize their contests by adding their logo and basic color scheme. 

As a contest administrator, you can see a variety of information such as the entrants' names, addresses, and whether or not they opted-in to receive further communication from you (allowing you to build a list for other fundraising campaigns).

It is to our benefit to help your fundraiser succeed.

The 360 Photo Contest is a hosted system on a cloud platform based on a scalable performance and pricing model. This means the system and photo storage ramps up as your contest becomes more successful.  

Low Fees. Our pricing is based on usage. 

  • $100 startup fee. This is a nominal up-front setup fee and is non-refundable.
  • 5% of Your Total Funds Raised. No hidden fees. No training or support fees. Just a simple software license and usage fee billed during the contest. 

WePay will assess Visa/MC Interchange & Assessment transaction fee.

Still not sure about the costs? Try our Price Estimator

Customized Photo Contest Packages

Larger organizations may be interested in a customization of our Photo Contest service. Whether it's social media integration, formatting and graphics to match your organization's style, custom hosting to accommodate a large campaign, incorporating your current online payment processing system, multiple donation options, or other unique features, we can create a custom contest that will meet your needs. 

Let us create a contest that will capture the imagination of your audience and help you raise funds to fulfill your mission. Contact us today to learn more.

Website Design Packages for Non-Profit Organizations

We have been designing and developing cutting edge websites, applications, and eCommerce solutions for over 20 years. Bundle a website redesign with your contest to streamline your online efforts for your organization. All of our sites are powered by 360 WebCMS, a powerful and easy-to-use content management system. Packages start at $1,000, contact us for your options today!