Networking Within Your Audience

Thursday, December 7, 2017

When raising awareness for your cause you're always looking for that next person that can help you out. You probably have people in mind but there are roadblocks in terms of how to connect with those people. How do you network to the point where you can connect with the people that will help take your cause and that person's interests to the next level?

Social media isn't only for sharing content it can be used to network with specific members within your audience. Engaging with your audience helps you understand the people that follow you and it helps give you an accessible approach to networking with others. There are right ways to network on social media.

In-person networking rules such as being genuine and helpful come into play in social media networking. Engaging with your audience, as part of a hashtag or post, will help others get to know you better to connect with them later on, states Leslie Truex, a contributing writer for The Balance. "Always lead by offering something of value as opposed to asking for something for you," says Truex. The person you're networking with will want to know how connecting with you will benefit them. Knowing your strengths as a non-profit will help you understand what you can offer.

Networking may be as simple as posing questions to your existing audience. As your audience engages with your questions ask questions of your own to see how you can offer strengths to better connect with those audience members. Over time those connections could lead to being able to ask for an introduction to people within that person's network. When messaging that next person "only send [...] a message that demonstrates you are specifically targeting him or her [...] the best way to do this is by saying something that makes it clear you know about the person" (The Rules of Networking on Social Media (Because Yes, People Still Break Them)).

Connecting and networking on social media follows many of the same rules as meeting in-person. People will connect with others who are genuine and have something positive to offer. Assisting audience members can help lead to a connection with others that can help your cause.


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