Generate "Word-of-Mouth" Advertising

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Stories are often told of businesses that go above and beyond and get noticed in the media and on the internet. They often start with a small company that no one has ever heard of that offers something more than a product or service. If you look into the stories a little more you'll notice that quite a bit of work goes into being unique just as much as they focus on the need they are to filling for consumers.

"Word-of-mouth" is the oldest form of business advertising. It doesn't take a lot of marketing research or money to get someone to recommend the work you do. The key is to be active within your audience and local community along with having a good reputation.

Build relationships
Build relationships within your community as well as online. Networking at local events gives you a chance to deliver an "elevator pitch" about your mission as well as success stories. You may decide to lend a hand if someone needs help with an event to help build rapport. These tips can also carry over to your online audience including reaching out to influencers. According to an article from on maximizining "word of mouth" advertising, an influencer is a person who is active on social media and blogs. These people can also be key figures in your local community. The article's writer, Brian Sutter, "Getting the right message out to influencers is a new way of marketing that [...] can lead to explosive growth".

Positive reputation
Maintain a positive reputation to help passively spread your message throughout your network. Non-profit reputation includes the entire staff as well as its board (if you have one) and director. The important thing is to always be honest says Paul Jankowski an article contributer for "You have to earn enough merit to become a worthy topic of conversation. You can do this with an exceptional product and by maintaining integrity across online platforms (your website, social media, and mobile)," states Jankowski. Respond positively to feedback whether it's good or bad. Integrity should also be a value that you promote within your non-profit; be sure you are following through with promises and be up-front when you feel you may fall short.

"Word-of-mouth" advertising is something that you should always work on. Networking and connecting with key influencers will help you expand the message of what your non-profit is doing. Making sure your reputation is in good standing helps to spread your mission among the people you engage with.

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