Find An Audience Online and Locally

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Getting to know people in your community is great. You get to meet different people with different motivations and ideas. A lot of those people might even have the same interests as you do. Non-profit businesses can make the same connections by reaching out to people on social media and local networking events. The trick is to know how to make those connections.

Social media circles
Connect with others with similar interests on social media to understand locally trending topics. Facebook has Groups for different interests and causes as well as pages for different local businesses and government groups. According to Chris Barnes, non-profit relations specialist, “you should make sure that your page is following other local non-profit organization pages, like government agencies, public libraries and service groups. […] Make sure you’re keeping up with your community and partners by liking their pages as well. (source)” Following and engaging with different hashtags on Twitter should give you an idea on which topics are trending in a region. Using tools like (hashtag tracking) and (hashtags tweeted about in a region) will help you find important hashtags.

If there isn’t a group or hashtag in your area that relates to your non-profit create one! When you’re creating a group or hashtag it’s important to focus on a topic rather than your non-profit (source). Users won’t participate if you market to them directly in a group or with a hashtag.

Connect locally
Following regional businesses and topics will inform you about local networking events. It’s important to meet in-person with people to show that your non-profit intends to be locally active. Being present within the community allows you vocalize what your cause is about and how it can benefit the region.


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