Common Fundraising Mistakes

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Non-profits run into problems when running fundraisers. Staff members aren't on the same page, messages don't match up between social media and other marketing, and past donors don't give like they have. Problems will come up but there are common issues that usually arise.

There are common issues with most non-profits and small organizations when it comes to running fundraisers. Most mistakes are corrected with experience but most problems come from three areas: communication, taking care of donors, and marketing your fundraiser.


Communicating with team members and sponsors in an effective manner can hurt fundraisers. Planning roles and responsibilities before the fundraiser starts will help team members understand what they need to do during the fundraiser. This will work well for fundraisers of any size. Having team members do "homework" on sponsors will help with asking for donations and volunteers when that time comes in the fundraiser.

Taking Care Of Donors

Informing and thanking past and new donors is critical in retaining donations going forward for your fundraisers. After donors give, especially if it's for the first time, be sure to let them know they are appreciated. If you have information from previous donors be sure to let them know when you are going to start your fundraiser to build awareness. Between fundraisers be sure to let donors know how their donations are helping your cause. Being transparent with your donors helps build trust with your non-profit or organization.


It can be difficult to get traction with your fundraiser if previous and potential donors don't know about what you're doing or are unsure about your credibility. Sharing news regarding your fundraiser on social media in addition to other means of marketing is important. Investing in your fundraising is crucial for helping your cause. Investing means leveraging your brand ambassadors, spending on online fundraising software, and adding volunteers. Spending time to craft and properly format a focused message on your donation page will help give potential donors a feeling that your fundraiser is credible. There are a few other ways to create an effective donation page.

"Neglecting your fundraising means neglecting your mission"


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