Boost Your Fundraising Efforts

Friday, January 27, 2017

Your non-profit may not have the time, budget or talent to run a top-notch marketing campaign, but there are many other options that will create the impact you need to reach a large audience. If you have a board or brand ambassadors this is when you need to involve them in the marketing strategy.

There is no one platform that does better than the others. Spreading your messages to as many media sources as possible has proven to be very effective if it is done consistently. None are necessary, but here are some ideas to get your team started:

  • Start In-house: Reach out to your current donors, volunteers, and supporters to let them know what you are working on and how they can get involved.
  • Online Marketing: This includes all your social media sites, website and emails. Start posting and make links easy to find and interactive. Creating banner images will get your audience interested and clearly written content will reduce the fear of trying something they may be unsure of.
  • Local Media: Create a public service announcement and press release and then contact your local radio stations, newspapers, other service clubs and groups, chamber of commere and any other public calendar that gets a lot of exposure.
  • Sending Letters & Postcards: Print is an effective way to reach your audience, it’s tangible and who doesn’t like getting mail. Make sure to use high-quality images and refrain from stretching fonts.

After you have launched your contest, keep posting updates to retain attention to your campaign in all ways possible. This will create hype and make it fun for all involved.


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