Fundraising Ideas

Who can use the 360 Photo Contest?

We've successfully used 360 Photo Contest with humane societies, but the sky is the limit! Some fundraising ideas include:

  • 4H clubs (best prize livestock photo)
  • Car shows and collectors (best vintage car photo)
  • Antique collectors
  • Tourism offices (best vacation photo)

Are you a local photographer looking for a way to promote your studio? Hold a photo contest for your favorite local charity and award the winner their own personal photo shoot!

Ideas that incorporate your users' photos will work well with our system in your fundraising efforts.

You'll need to make your Photo Contest enticing in order to guarantee the maximum number of participants. One way is by offering a creative prize package.

Prize ideas based on previous campaigns: 


The top 13 winners are placed in a calendar, with the first place winner on the cover of the calendar. The calendars can then be sold for additional fundraising revenue.

Some of our organizations use the services of a professional photographer for the calendar photos (with the photo shoot offered as part of prize package). Otherwise, you can have the contest winners re-submit the original photo to you after the contest is over.

Factor 360 can lend their design services to make your calendar memorable! We can handle everything from the design to obtaining competitive quotes on the production. Contact us for your options.


Offer the chance of being your organization's mascot for a year. Feature the mascot prominently on the front page of your website and promotional campaign materials throughout the year.

This mascot might appear at other fundraising events. They could also be mentioned in local public awareness segments, especially if they are an adopted pet placed through a local association. 

Prize Packages

Offer a lucrative prize package to the top winners. Solicit local businesses for prize donations. These businesses can also be mentioned on your website and promotional materials as a corporate sponsor.