Month: September, 2015

Creating a Powerful End-of-Year Appeal

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Your non-profit organization depends on donations to maintain your mission and purpose. Many potential donors see your messages throughout the year and may think you are doing wonderful things and want to help. But time gets away from them and they forget to write the check, or another nonprofit’s “ask” catches them at the right time. This is where an end-of-year appeal comes in handy.

The end-of-year appeal may produce a successful response due to the fact that it is a tax-deductible donation that can be written off. These donors may have simply procrastinated or are starting to get into the holiday giving spirit.

Statistics are impactful when writing the content, but backing them with information that evokes emotion will create a larger impact. Include personal stories, client quotes, and photos. This is your opportunity to tell your supporters what you accomplished this year, and who you’ve helped. They should feel your plea and the urgency of your request. Don’t forget to include the call to action and the request for donations; encourage them to help by giving.

Also, take into consideration how they will be reading your message. If you are using email, think about the visual design and mobile compatibility. Simple designs will highlight your message, and a responsive email design or mobile-friendly version are added bonuses to your potential donors.

Remember that a thoughtful thank you will assist in future appeals for the next gift. Let donors know how their money was used. Stand out this year as an organization that is extraordinarily grateful for the donations you receive.