Customizable Photo Contests

There are many features that are customizable to your organization’s needs. These include:
  • Logo
  • Contest Banner
  • Custom Entry Fields
  • Home page content
  • Rules page content
  • Prizes page content
  • Entry fee
  • Optional donation amount
  • Sponsors in footer
  • Email template design
  • Auto-approval of entries
  • Many more!
We’re always updating 360 Photo Contest and welcome suggestions for additional features.

Uploading is Fun and Easy

Entrants complete the fields you specify, such as pet’s name and pet’s story. They then upload their chosen photo. A progress bar shows the status of their upload.

The entries can be auto-approved or approved by you through the contest admin system, it’s your choice!

Entrants Share via Social Media

Once a user submits a photo, it’s time to promote their entry. Share buttons are provided for users to email or link to their entry from a number of social networking sites.

Donate for Votes!

Users donate money to add votes to their vote bank. They can use these votes towards any entries they like. We recommend a vote bank minimum of 5 votes, at $1 per vote.

Helping friends or coworkers win a contest is a rewarding experience. Why not vote for your own entry too?

Track and Administer your Contest

A number of administrative tools are provided to monitor your contest. These include:
  • View and export donor contact information
  • Add offline votes and donations
  • View and export transaction information
  • Approve or deny entries (auto-approve is optional)
  • Create vouchers for free votes
  • Download hi-resolution entrant photos for calendars

Expand your Email List

If generating donations for your organization wasn't enough, our software helps your organization grow your constituent list. We provide emails and addresses of all of your participants, along with their opt-in status.